Scar Camouflage


The best way to camouflage and conceal stretchmarks, acne scars, skin grafts, self harm scars, surgical scars and other skin traumas

Do you have a scar that runs deeper than a physical reminder of a past experience? Is it something that you once connected with but are ready to move on from? Through a combination of microneedling and micropigmentation, Beauty and the Blade can camouflage everything from acne, stretchmarks, medical and elective surgeries, burns, skin grafts, and self harm scars.

The first step in the process involves microneedling to soften scars first. It stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin to improve overall appearance. The second step is to deposit pigment into the area, matching it and blending it with your natural skin tone so the scar is no longer visible.
We use a combination of various numbing agents at the beginning and though out the procedure to ensure your comfort.

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